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It’s not everyday that people decide to start blogging about their Witchcraft. As I sit down to write my first post, I am beginning to understand why.

I tentatively began advertising my wares on Etsy some months ago, but coming out of the broom closet has been a long process for me. I realized as I sat down to photograph and post an number of new items, that the process that I go through with each and every thing I make is an extremely personal and idiosyncratic one. Simply put, there’s nothing I have made that I have not made to use myself, in my own craft and ritual, or for use by my Coveners and close friends and family.

For some time, I have understood that process is an important component of the items themselves. Particularly in this day and age; beyond my Coven and family, those who purchase items are not in my immediate physical community, and so some understanding of that process forms part of why a person might want to use something I have made, or understand how to incorporate it into their own Witchcraft and Nameless Art. But how to communicate that process is difficult. How to express the reasons one thing is used, what is important about another, is never the same twice, or so easily put into words.

I find myself smiling at my own surprise, that it should be an item made for the Master of Witches that has lead me to finally pull it all together and launch my new blog. The Split Footed Master is quite the trickster! And the teacher. Making anything, blending, weaving, mixing, is to travel, to take a walk off the beaten track to find something new, or old, or both, that holds within it a sense memory, a smell, a taste, that transports me to a place of communion. There are many signposts on that track, places to start that are well established. But once the sounds of the traffic had died away, I realized I was in a new space, a place where the Master’s laughter was clear, but a place that did not exist in the books and essays that might teach you to find him. I was right at that moment reading new signposts, somewhere between civilized Hobart, and wild Tasmania, overcome by the thick smell of the wattles.

This is what this blog will endeavour to be; a journal, a diary of my experiences and experimentations that lead me to that place of sense memory, of communion with and through, this beautiful and unusual home of mine. I hope it is one in which readers will find some depth of understanding of the ingredients I use, how I come to use them and why. And help mark the paths and Ghost Roads of our Great Southern Land with signposts for those who might be walking them as well.

If I am very lucky, it might even occasionally be inspired and beautiful. Without a doubt, I could not live in a better place to get that sort of luck.