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Like everything, it began with a request from a close friend; a candle, specifically for the Master of Witches.

Turnskin, Puck, Gallow’s Man, Lord of the Crossroads. How do you pin down a Trickster?

Starting out in search of the Master can be a frustrating time. Not often do we realize early enough that what others experience of Him, how others see Him, when and where is not always going to be the same twice, or for you. It always seems to be the moment you do realize, and stop looking, that the shiver will run up your spine, the hairs on the back of your neck prickle, and the uncanny sense you’re being watched creeps across your awareness.

That oh so human sense of surprise, anticipation, unexpectedness and humour; our originality and creativity, that’s His joy. And He’s eminently adaptable to garner these responses in us.

Here, in the thick smell of the bush, not far from my home, on the outskirts of Hobart, along a dirt road, along some muddy walking track. Sometimes at the edge of an old quarry, where the wattles grow prolific, at a hole in a fence of some water catchment reservoir, by an old farm fence where the hawthorns grow wild… In a not-quite-wild, isolated no man’s land comes the sound of foot fall through the bush, an odd whistle followed by the low cackle of a lone Kookaburra who’s been watching me from a dead gum. So often it is these places that it happens, that I imagine Him with a swag. Perhaps under a coolabah tree by some isolated billabong, somewhere. Or just an everyman, in a Driza-Bone, moleskins, dusty Blundstones and an Akubra pulled down low over his eyes. Smiling.

The smell the moment rain hits the dry dirt, the sun soaked bush before a storm in the afternoon.

These are the places I find the Split Foot Master, between things, in the cracks of the day, the brief moments and the two things at once times.

And that’s what I’ve tried to capture for my friend. Spicy and warm, a blend of hedge places dried Hawthorn Berries and Swamp Gum, Silver Wattle blossoms and a dash of Hemp Seed Oil, and a slightly dusty smell of the road. With more traditional ingredients including Frankincense, Sage and Oak. Solar, Jupiterian and Mercurial all at once. European, Australian. Two things at once, both places.

And now available for you, in Leatherwood Beeswax as a Jar Candle, a Tealight and an incense.

Split Foot Master’s Candle