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I’ve begun going through my personal notes in order to begin a glossary of Native Australian Flora and Fauna, their uses and correspondences, and also to share some of the stories, mine, others, of interactions, myths, etc. It will be an ongoing project, that will, undoubtedly, never be complete. Each new perspective informs and colours everything that is interacted with anew, and so I can only hope to record my own story, as I have seen it, as I have participated with the many characters. But I hope that in the coming months this will start to manifest online here at Australis Incognita.

But that is only part of a much bigger thing. As are the individual stories of making and using one thing or this or that. My Craft permeates every aspect of my life, there’s no way I can separated them out. What seems maybe political, mundane or material to some, is no less part of the grand whole of Life that is one that is Mysterious and Beautiful, Terrible and Mystical. There is much that I participate in and consider that forms and informs the sort of Witchcraft I practice.

In terms of my environment, it is perhaps no surprise to some that I am a staunch Greenie. Beyond and adding to the scientific reasons one might be in support of conservation, sustainable energy, there is for me, an added element. That is, where the environment is threatened, so too is it’s Spirit, and where the Spirit of Place is diminished through destruction and extinction, then so too is my Spirit and life; the places through which I travel and with which I seek communion, is greatly diminished. I do believe that everything that lives, exists inside the extended family of Earthlings, and it is no less lamentable when one of these is lost.

I am not anti technology, nor do I dislike the city. Not even close! (I like both a lot!) I do believe though that both can exist together, there is richness and wealth to be had in diversity, and this belief moves me to be active in terms of environmental issues, conservation as well as social justice issues and political issues.

I have found as I have walked down the Crooked Path that I’ve only become more so. More determined to raise my voice for the voiceless, more determined to act as a barrier between unethical industry and that which faces destruction, against the powerful for the seemingly powerless. Technology allows me to help spread the word in the Great Online Community of Awareness, and I play my part there as best I can. The more I know, the more I am driven to join in, the more I join in the more I am determined to know more. And so it grows.

And it has effected how and why I use my Craft, and how and what I use in my Craft. So I think it must also form a necessary part of this blog.

I’ve just been reading the news in relation to James Price Point in The Kimberley, and the proposed Woodside Gas Hub Development there that will threaten the Humpback Whale sanctuary, and the fabric of cultural and natural heritage that permeates the environment. There is still hope for that development to fail, if the public continues the pressure on governments. Increasingly, social license is becoming a priceless commodity, and so important that our efforts do not wane. I am a long way from The Kimberly, but showing solidarity with those in the Indigenous community, who for thousands of years have called that land home and Ancestor, especially, is important to me. This weekend in Melbourne, Australian Artists, John Butler and Clare Bodwitch are holding a Concert for The Kimberly. (How much do you envy those in Melbourne right now!?) To help raise the profile of this issue and show support for those fighting the good fight far in the North of Western Australia.

In September, the Anderean Coven participated in The Spirit of the Whale Smoking Ceremony and ritual to work a blessing for the Humpback Whales who are threatened by this development. I can not tell you how empowering it was to see the photographs from all over Australia of the Ceremonies and Rituals and to know that all the way down here south of Hobart, we could add to that energy and power, uniting the Song Lines and Ghosts Roads. Hobart sits besides part of the Humpback Whale migration routes, and so, we know already, we are deeply connected across our continent, joining together with tribes, communities, mobs and groups all over the country, just seems, well, the natural thing to do. Humpback Whales remind us that, actually, we are connected by these ocean road ways worldwide, and we can learn much from a consideration of these animals and their ocean home. A month on from our ritual, I am reminded how important it is that we maintain those connections and keep the wisdom of these animals close to our daily activities.