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Holy Mother, Queen of Roses. Photo by Rebecca Flynn

I am in love with The Arts. I may not be excessively creative, but my appreciation is very high. Some are blessed with an ability to craft with words, others story tell through their bodies, and voices, and others with paint and some with clay. I’ve never cared much for the medium in particular. Any and all are acceptable in my book. New, old, doesn’t matter. Art, both the appreciation and the act of creativity itself, is fundamental to the human expereince.

I’m very blessed to be surrounded by very creative people. It’s inspiring, enlivening, beauty and confrontation, terror, and love, and the empathetic response garnered by participation with art are none a waste of my time.

Both in terms of my Etsy store, and the simple joy of it’s inclusion here on Australis Incognita, the visual arts convey something of mood and feel beyond what I can express in words. The internet is a blessing for the expereince of art in all it’s forms. So much so, that I have never taken these interesting times in which I live for granted. Much of what I include here is visual art, and takes the form of photography.

Particularly the photography of Rebecca Flynn.

If you haven’t already, you should most definitely go over and spend some time at  Nine Things, Rebecca’s tumblr. A most distinct collection of visual art, as well as her own photography. Which is amazing. And I’m not too fussed how gratuitous my appreciation might be. May it be unseemly.

There’s a permanent link over < there to Nine Things, but for the sheer joy of focusing on Rebecca’s art alone, please enjoy the collection below.

Oils and oddities

‘Tis the season.

Atop a mountain #7 (Photograph of Gede Parma, witch and author)



come play

Le chien de mort.

Colour the dead.

(untitled) Taken for Australis Incognita

And of course, the beautiful (if cropped) header image for Australis Incognito is Rebecca’s as well. There are lots of other examples to be had. Enjoy.