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Digital image of fungus present in wood. Elisabeth Wheeler, North Carolina State University

Digital image of wood by Jugo Ilic, CSIRO, Australia

General Information & Description:
Atherosperma @ Wikipedia

Other names: Blackheart Sassafras

Where: Tasmanian, Victoria and NSW (cool, temperate rainforest)

Planetary Correspondence: Venusian ♀ (Lunar)

Further Information:
This is a very important plant for me, and though everything I am doing here is to describe the nature of plants in terms of how we can use them in a sorcerous fashion, this is one of the times where a plant has a deep and profound link to a Great Spirit, and in this case, The Rose Queen.
This tree is a living monument to that feminine current that connects us to each other, the ancestors, the earth, the all encompassing blood thread that weaves it’s way through every aspect of the things that grow and live in the world. That die in the world, that emerge again. It is beautiful, dark, sweet smelling, associated with water, the Beloved Dead. It flowers around Candlemas, but it’s flowers face down adorning those interred in the soil. It’s bark is used to create a sweet tea, it’s musky and thick. And it’s black heart is formed by a fungus that lives in the wood. Fungus, irrevocably associate with decay, and the reweaving and remaking of the dead again. It is a contradiction, where most trees are dead when fungus begins it’s work, here is a tree that lives and is most beautiful when the fungus is in it. It is host to many kinds of lichen in the rainforests of the Blue Mountains NSW, and Tasmania. I’ve included images of this above, because I find them fascinating and very pretty!
It is a tonal wood, not unlike the Birch and used to fashion musical instruments. Among other things, and the items made by artisans in and around Hobart are a sort of fixed feature of the beautiful culture and art of the place.

The flowers, leaves, bark are suitable for any working regarding connection, familial, ancestral, romantic. It is cooling, and attractive. It can also be used to bring dreams and visions, and for divination, having a lunar and watery nature.

I was introduced to this tree’s spirit by a sister witch, who was married beneath the thick green at the foot of Mt Wellington, at the Hobart Waterworks. And I thank her for her insight.