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The Martial Current


Planet | Mars
Day | Tuesday
Element | Fire
Themes | Protection, vengeance, fiery cursing, male virility, violence, guardianship, defence, warfare & combat
Colour | Red

Native Plants

Banksia (flower spears)
Bunya Pine
Hoop Pine
Huon Pine
Mountain Pepper Berry

Native Fauna
Echidna (esp. quills)
Frill-necked Lizard
Red Backed Spiders
Red-Bellied Black Snakes
Red Kangaroo
Spider Wasps
Thylacine (extinct)


When choosing a eucalyptus tree to use in a martial working, try to use find a small leafed specimen from a non bark shedding species, like an iron bark. Several species of gum have true red flowers which I have used in workings in the current.

Further Notes
Australia, like anywhere has a plethroa of images, directly ascociated with this current. Utilising coats of arms, especially military (rather than state since they have a more Jupiterian nature)  is always useful. For this reason I have included the 50c coin, which is also useful in other currents, but does feature the red kangaroo.
The red kangaroo is significant. From it is derived the Boxing Kangaroo, the symbol of the Battle Ready Aussie. It may seem commercial, but it is these cultural norms that feedback into the other adding to and reinforcing the nature of the red kangaroo.
There are other cultural considerations specifically Australian in nature. For example, to vivify or enliven a working with alcohol, or as a libation to a spirit who might have a martial nature, or whose help you are desirous of, use rum. Though the Rum Rebellion was not at all about rum, it has become irrevocable associated with the event in our collective imagination, and it was in fact a military coup, at a time when the Admiralty governed the Penal Colony of New South Wales. And whilst rum was not the cause, it is not difficult to imaging that much of the conflict between Bligh and Macarthur was greatly fueled by it.
In terms of our environment, we are uniquely aware of the role of the element of fire. The destruction it brings is as fresh today as it is any day, and there is hardly a time in which there is not a part of our community suffering in the aftermath of bushfire. It is though a powerful force, and using the coals and wood from such areas can aid a Martial working, with an element of the Saturnian current.
In considering this cultural and environmental uniqueness there are several non native species that are deeply connected to this current, particularly, sugarcane in Queensland, and the Norfolk Pine in New South Wales.

As an animist, working in this current must come with a word of caution. If you choose to work with any spirits of land, or utilise the weapons of the Indigenous peoples, examples of which are readily available now, it is advisable to work before hand to honour the spirits of the Land and Indigenous Ancestors. It might also be ill-advised to include colonial and Commonwealth military symbols. The nature of these things whilst both indeed very Martial, are also aggressive towards each other, and still today, as sadly, conflict exists still in our communities. This is not to say it is so for you, certainly it is not for me personally, but being aware of such conflicts will ensure that any working does not inadvertently defeat itself.