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The Mercurial Current

MercuryPlanet | Mercury
Day | Wednesday
Element | Air
Themes | Sorcery, Witchcraft, intellect, learning, crafting, creativity
Colour | Dark Blues

Native Plants
Australian Royal Bluebell
Melaleucas (not Tea Tree, Melaleuca alternifolia)
Mountain Devil (NSW)

Native Fauna
Cicada “Green Grocer” (Cyclochila australasiae)


Generally the gumtrees are far more Jupiterian in nature. Generally. However, if you happen to live near a specimen that is a scarred tree, or a split trunk, these are very good to add to a Mercurial working. Split trunk, or twin gums, particularly those you can walk through, or who have a shared burn hollow facing each other are very handy to identify in your local area. Approached properly such trees can prove to be excellent spots through which one can jump the hedge.

Red Gum photograph by Duncan @ bencruachan.org

Further Notes
If you happen to have a piece available, Opal is a gemstone that I consider mercurial. It is the national gemstone of Australia, but is one of the few precious stones considered mineraloid, that it, does not have a crystal formation. Along with Jet, Amber, Lapis Luzil, Obsidian and Pearl. Opal is unique in that it can form in any rock, and is not organic like pearl and amber. The ‘fire’ of an opal is diffracted light, and they demonstrate a ‘fire’ in colours across the entire visible light spectrum.
Likewise, quartz, which is abundant across the world, and has long been associated with magic, is called Maban by Indigenous people (though I can not tell you which language the name comes from) and many informants described the addition of this stone to the initiates spirit body from which the man of high degree derived his magic.