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This evening I had the pleasure of steak, chips, Swedish film and the company of a very good friend. During a self imposed intermission, he asked the question, “Why does the 10c coin with the Lyrebird not feature on your Table of Mercurial Correspondence?”

1966 - Present An impression of a lyrebird designed and sculpted by Stuart Devlin.

1966 – Present An impression of a lyrebird designed and sculpted by Stuart Devlin.

What an excellent question.

My answer, of course, was because I consider it Venusian in nature.

In retrospect, I think my answer was not equal to the question. Though I pointed out it’s fan-like tail, it’s ground dwelling nature and the fact that to mimic, that ability for which the Lyrebird is legendary, is a sort of glamour, as a whole, it was not an excellent answer.

Is the answer simply, both? That the Lyrebird, like so many other things is just not categorical? Or is something else going on?

A Lyrebird by Richard Browne (1776-1824)

A Lyrebird by Richard Browne (1776-1824)

I had a thought that it is both, and that something else is also going on at the same time. Tricky. And isn’t that the give away…

My friend and I, we’re witches. And witches are what witches do; blur lines, jump hedges, sit outside boxes, eat steak, watch Swedish films and often appear to be something they are not. We’re fabulous like that. And in many more ways as well. And there in lies the answer.

When one thinks of witches, it is not odd that they should think of Witch Gods like The Master of Witches and his Mercurial nature, magician, trickster, and turn-skin. Or perhaps The Queen of Witches, the Rose Queen, and her Venusian nature, sorceress, enchantress, illusionist. What is often not as obvious is that both these, by virtue of being magicians, sorcerers, tricksters, turn-skins, enchanters and illusionists, are also, Solar, Lunar, Saturnian, Martial, Jupiterian. The problem of ‘Mercurial or Venusian’ is that it too often relies on the attribution of gender based almost entirely on the subtle undercurrents of ‘intellect/mastery’ and ’emotion/mystery’ and refuses to acknowledge the deeper wisdom of the myths of the Great European Witch Deities. Simply, like the song maybe, that you can’t have one without the other.

It made me think that for a brief moment my friend’s penis, and my vagina, had an impromptu conversation, whilst he cooked and looked after the children, and I kicked off my steel capped boots and talked about boobs in Swedish film.

There are some things that are going to be Venusian/Lunar, and others that will be Mercurial/Solar, and all sorts of things that will slip and weave through and around our Western need to name, label, catergorise, and box everything. And then there are going to be some things that slap you in the face with the obviousness of their sorcerous purpose. In the case of the Lyrebird, the facepalm is really at your leisure. It’s the fact that is can be so effortlessly either, which makes it so obviously both. The correspondences don’t often confirm each other in the manner these peculiar two do, and I suspect that the Lyrebird will not be alone on the List of Things that can be Other Things for long.

Don’t forget to check out my updated Mercurial Current, now featuring the Lyrebird and the 10c Coin. If you have a thought about something, I would love to hear about it! Really, comment is free. And thanks to my clever friend, for pointing out the obvious.