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The Saturnian Current

SaturnPlanet | Saturn
Day | Saturday
Element | Earth
Themes | Curses, banishment, necromancy, the dead, wisdom, initiation, & truth
Colour | Black

Native Plants
Banksia (except flower spears)
Cherry Ballart (Exocarpos cupressiformis)
Ghost Gum (Corymbia, various)
King Billy Pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides)
Silver Wattle (Acacia Dealbata particularly, but most others can be used in this current)
(Sturt’s) Desert Pea

Native Fauna
Australian Raven
Bats (microbats) (all 8 Tasmanian species)*
Black Cockatoos (Yellow-tailed black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus))
Crocodile (Fresh and Saltwater, leather, teeth & bones)
Funnel Web Spider
Ghost Moths (Aenetus, various) (and any wattle wood with their distinct burrows)
Tasmanian Devil
White-tailed spider

No particular coinage is Saturnian. Both the 1c and 2c coins might be considered along with any other obsolete coins, pennies etc, as well as the $2 coin for it’s association with the Indigenous Ancestry and Land. The other coin of note is the 50c coin, since the coat of arms is always appropriate for use in any current  where one is appealing to it’s Kingly or Queenly aspect. In the case of this current, particularly good for bind workings.

One of the most characteristically Australian features of the landscape is the dead gum. A dead tree in a field is often accompanied by a flock of Australian Crows (Corvus coronoides). If you have a specimen like this in your local area, any of the wood, particularly that which is already dropped, has a very Saturnian nature, otherwise, I would not recommend using Eucalyptus in this current.

Further Notes
I mentioned in my Table of Martial Correspondences, that bushfire coal has a Saturnian nature. This is true, and is suitable for use in this current.

* Bats. Most people associate bats with this current. All the TAS bats can be considered in this current, however on the mainland, Flying Foxes are Lunar in nature. The difference between the two kinds, micro and megabats is no small thing. The Microbats of cooler climates are the traditional meat eating sort of bats that remind us of vampires, the Megabats of the mainland are something entirely different.