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Well, it’s been some time since I last posted, and I’ve been very busy. However, nothing keeps me from celebrating the fact that my friend Lee Morgan’s novel Wooing The Echo, Book One of the Christopher Penrose novels, is published and available for purchase!

'Wooing the Echo' by Lee Morgan

‘Wooing the Echo’ by Lee Morgan

Firstly, congratulations to my friend, Lee Morgan, on the publication, these novels have been a long time coming and the work of many years. It’s always a great joy to see projects come to fruition.

Secondly, get out and read! If you’re an old crafter/witch then you know that people who ‘get it’ are few and far between. Now, a host of characters that do, conveniently available in paperback. Certainly, fiction has always been a comfort blanket for humanity, the familiar furniture of the mind that reassures you, you are not alone, and finally, something grown up for those of us who would call ourselves witches.

And if you are not, then don’t hesitate. Wooing The Echo is a tale of love without boundaries, saturated in music, woven together by poetry and laced with the unseen, uncanny nature of bone knowing and magic that is universally human. Heartache, loss, drama, sacrifice, and a haunted childhood that the brave never resign. Morgan is Romantic with a capital ‘R’. The ghosts of the dead reveal themselves, there is beauty and terror in equal measure, and all things mundane are brushed aside with abandon until there is only the raw nerve of desire exposed on the page.

Check it out on Amazon. And if you’re interested in other work by the author, don’t forget A Deed Without A Name.