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In October last year I wrote this post regarding, among other things, our participation with a nationwide magical spiritual event and movement, initiated by the Aboriginal Custodians, to protect the Whale Sanctuary at James Price Point on the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia in September 2012.

The battle continued well past that time, and I have followed and supported the protest from my spot, a continent away, on the Derwent River in Tasmania.

This week we received some very good news! The Australian reported on the 20th that the Supreme Court of Western Australia had found the environmental assessment process for the proposed gas hub, illegal, on the basis of a conflict of interest of several of the WA Environmental Protection Agency’s board members. A victory for The Wilderness Society, and Walmadan Traditional Owner, Richard Hunter, who brought the issue to the Court.

Walmadan Traditional Owner Richard Hunter at James Price Point. Photo: Damien Kelly. Click picture to learn more, read TWS article ‘Victory for Australia’s Nature’.

It is a battle won, but we’re a long way from the end of the war, on all fronts. Applications for new environmental assessments will be made, and solicitors and barristers consulted. In the wake of the court decision, it is more important than ever that community license is completely and irrevocably revoked.

The truth is, it can be very daunting. This is one issue, there is a very long list of battlefronts; the destruction of Leadbeater’s Possum habitat in Victoria, the ongoing dredging of waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the Tarkine is threatened in Tasmania… And that’s just in Australia. In a conversation with a friend yesterday, he mentioned that in Britain, a “warriors call” has been put out to the pagan community to gather at Glastonbury Tor to protect the sacred sites across the nation against fracking.

For those of us who see that we can not simply pollute and destroy with reckless abandon, and live, let alone, rich lives connected to our lands and our homes and the intricate ebb and flow of life and it’s inherent sacredness, the onslaught of industrial and resource greed can seem like a tsunami of ignorance. An unstoppable, impenetrable wall of carelessness. More than one day I have thrown up my hands, switched off the laptop and declared it all just impossible!

But it’s not. And the victories have to be celebrated. And no matter how small our contribution, a signed petition, a post on Facebook to bring awareness to our friends, a small donation, a little ritual by the ocean, I know, as a Fate Worker, that it is important, it counts. In that way we understand, even when we are overwhelmed, that one thing over another, the Great Barrier Reef, the Tarkine, the Southern Ocean Marine Sanctuary, can not be prioritised, they are all important.

That’s the reality of Wyrd. The reality of the Earth.

The Spring and Summer months means we often have more time, holidays, more daylight hours, more time to be outdoors. This coming season it’s my plan, be it alone or with those I practice with, to dedicate some of that time, once more to empowering my land, and in doing so, myself. Life, power is sourced from our lands, our waters, and there is nothing sacrificed that is not returned threefold. Even as I write this, I hardly know for what purpose, what cause, but I know it will come, even if it doesn’t, there’s no waste.

Take up your staff and bang the stone, stamp your feet and beat your drum. Listen to the silent things, and scream their names into the wind. Declare that you will stand between this thing and that, even if both are wordless. If it serves only to remind you you have answered a warrior’s call, and rouse the spirits beneath you, it is powerful magic, and must be worked.

Johann Heinrich Füssli: Thor vs. the Midgard Serpent (1790)

Johann Heinrich Füssli: Thor vs. the Midgard Serpent (1790)