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If you’re an Aussie, and don’t daily feel a sense of deep shame at the behaviour of our current (and previous) government towards asylum seekers and refugees coming from SE Asia by boat especially, then this post is not for you, something is fundamentally wrong with you in my estimation. Peregrin Wildoak, author and blogger at Magic of the Ordinary  in an act of true leadership, has initiated a magical working of National proportions to increase our collective compassion for our fellow humans as they risk life and limb for a shot at a new life Down Under.

Brilliant. Bless you, Peregrin! There could be no nobler cause, or more pressing issue than the increase of our humanity and compassion in terms of those most desperately trying to reach our shores.

Please, get involved! You can:

  1. Read Peregrin’s post and plan “Magical Action to Increase Compassion towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australia“;
  2. Download the pdf of same here; and
  3. Join the Facebook Event, Peregrine has set up and keep up to date with others taking part in the action.

Sigil for a Compassionate Australia

If you are not Aussie, and quite a few of my readers aren’t, and want to join in, please do. Here are some links to other sites that have information regarding our National Shame, and why you might want to help learn us some humanity!

If you are not “magical” in nature, but want to support the project, please join in by using the symbol and promoting it in various platforms (Twitter, FB, your blog etc) online to support those of us doing this work.

In Late August I posted about having a cause to fight for in A Warrior’s Call. We’ve already worked against fracking worldwide, and now it’s time to work on opening the hearts of Australians who in recent years seem to have grown cold and callus.

Some of you, especially those in Western Australia, might also be working against the Shark Cull, a Colin Barnett thought-bubble of panic, upping his chances for the Most Ridiculous Premier of the Decade Award. Here’s an article from www.watoday.com.au , an Open Letter to the WA Government from Canadian School Children, and ABC 7.30 report ‘Shark attack victims highlight division over cull plans‘. I am, of course, completely against this absolutely heinous action, and adding my support in spirit to those on the beaches of WA, in this heat no less! Bless them, every one!

You can also add your name and cyber-voice to the Greenpeace ‘Save Our Sharks’ petition.

Stop the fear mongering! Stop the cull!

Stop the fear mongering! Stop the cull!

There’s work to be done, magical mischief to be made and this is only a small sample of the tom-fuckery that needs attention in this grand land of ours. (The Japanese Fleet are in the Southern Ocean and Australian Waters, catching and carving Whales; dredging of the Great Barrier Reef began in December…) I am very happy to see how involved our community is, how much greater we see our potential as a nation.

P.S. “A” is for Action for Asylum Seekers & Refugees! And my 2nd post for the Pagan Blog Project.