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General Information & Description:
Allocasuarina @ Wikipedia
Casuarina @ Wikipedia
Sheoak Woodland and Forest @ DPIPWE TAS
River Sheoak (Casuarina cunninghamiana) Profile @ DEPI VIC

Other names: Bulloak, ironwood, cassowary tree.

Where: Tasmanian, Victoria and NSW up to QLD (one species found in the tropical regions); common.

Planetary Correspondence: Lunar, (Venusian ♀ secondary)

Further Information:
I’ve been working with Sheoak for a long time. Not only is it one of those plants I remember from childhood, having a large tall Queen of a specimen in our backyard, we would collect it’s fallen twigs for kindling for BBQs, and the empty cicada shells from the branches and trunk, but it’s one of the first plans that entered into my Craft, into my dream-space.

Medium Sheoak Broom handmade for use cleansing of ritual space.

Medium Sheoak Broom handmade for use cleansing of ritual space.

And the dream-space is truly this Lady’s province. She is the silent forest Mother. I have seen her described as being alike to the Willow for her drooping leaves, and She is most often thought alike to a pine for Her cones. In some respects her silence underfoot, and soft whistling on the shores of rivers and in the ocean breeze is willow-like, but she is certainly not alike to the current of the Pines of Europe, or the Conifers of Australia.

She is a flowering plant, a fruiting plant, her fruits are the favourite of the Black Cockatoos, and Her seeds are the favourite of the small birds. She is a preferred place for many small birds nests, and underneath Her, the echidna and small things move about with muffled steps on forest floors thick with Her blanket. In this the Sheoak partakes of the Venusian current.

I find places dense with this plant excellent for meditation. I make small brooms from the leaves and branches of Sheoak which I hang from trees as an offering not unlike clooties, and larger brooms can be used for cleansing spaces and the self (not unlike Birching). Like the one pictured left.

I also use Sheoak in my She-Oak, Willow & Lemon Myrtle Bath Salts designed to clear negative influence, and facilitate reconnection when one feels disconnected from Spirit helpers and the ebb and flow of the Otherworlds.

Sheoak will aid in any working requiring or promoting silence, flexibility, perseverance, unearthing secrets, and dreams.

Sheoak, Willow & Lemon Myrtle Bath Salts

Hollow Goat's Bone rattle @ Australis Incognita

Hollow Goat’s Bone rattle @ Australis Incognita featuring Sheoak fruit ‘cones’.

P.S. “A” is for Allocasuarina & Casuarina. And my 3rd post for the Pagan Blog Project.