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It’s funny, WordPress tells me, today, I’ve been blogging in various ways since 2007 and I’m still behind! Seems impossible. Of course, I’ve not been blogging at Australis Incognita since 2007, or even continuously for 7 years, and those various early forays into the activity are long since deleted. This is the first time I’ve participated in any sort of blogging project like The Pagan Blog Project 2014, so maybe I’m only behind now, and have been entirely up-to-date, to date. And only 3 and a bit weeks… Well, maybe my 1987 girl-hero-crush Watts was right: It’s just time, not like it means anything.

Watts says it's just time, not like it means anything.

Watts says it’s just time, not like it means anything.

A nice theory, but in terms of study, custom made craft items, overseas guests, blog projects and guides waking one at 4am in the morning and refusing you sleep insomnia such that Some Kind of Wonderful is necessary DVD viewing, time is of the essence.

It’s not a bad thing. The lag is the result of all those things I decided to do at the beginning of the year. And I’m having fun doing them. Perhaps I should refer to it as an adjustment period… It’s best to stay positive. 🙂 What does interest me is the Great Mystery of how it is that the first things to demonstrate the irrelevancies of time are the dishes and the clothes washing. Like in some sort of stasis, they remain unchanged while everything else seems to be effected by the passage of time around them. 1000 mystics, witches, and shamans meditating on the problem for 1000 years could not find the answer to that particular why.

I digress. I was pleasantly surprised logging on after a period of being occupied in other more studious activities that Rose at Secular Witchcraft had shared Australis Incognita as part of the ABC and Sunshine Blog Awards. The blogsphere is sort of awesome. People sharing all sorts of crazy-awesome-informative-hilarious-creative thought and encouraging others. And I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface. Taking part in the PBP2014 has been a real experience  for me. I’m also beginning to think that the reading of blogs is linked to the dishes-space-time-continuum-anomaly mystery.

So, in the spirit of cyber hi-fiving and web-making sharing, catching up and ticking things off my to-do list(s), here’s a few fun facts about yours truly.

Sunshine Blogger Award Awesome Blog Content Award

ABC Award requirements:

  • Download the award logo and add it to your participating post;
  • Share a few fellow bloggers;
  • Take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself; and
  • Don’t forget to link back to your nominator!

Sunshine blogger award requirements:

  • Nominate 10 other blogs; and
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.

Firstly, thanks to Rose, for thinking enough of my work here to hit me with a share! Rose began her blog Secular Witchcraft to take part in the PBP2014. I find it very necessary to be very grateful for being born when and where we are that we might be able to share globally with a diverse community that includes secular witches, animists, occultists, multiple god and spirit worshipers, naked dancing in the moonlight makers, and etc., from the comfort of our homes, digitally and for that to be entirely legal. Because when you put it like that, it sounds like the Devil’s Work, and something that someone, somewhere, would want to outlaw. 😀

Secondly, and completely non-Craft related:
I’m an Aquarius.
I was Born in Liverpool NSW, which just so happens to be the fourth oldest city in Australia and home to the oldest Church of England in the country, St Lukes Church, where I was Christened.
I absolutely Detest the wanton killing of animals, with the single exception of Huntsmen Spiders. I would go to great lengths to save a Sydney Funnel Web for it’s venom, but a Huntsman is my sworn enemy. I once tried to salvage and hatch a Red-back Spider’s egg sack after the mother met an accidental and unfortunate end. I was unsuccessful.
Everything is better with with a cup of coffee. With the exception of Huntsmen Spiders, which cannot be worked upon.
The Foxtrot is my favourite pjs-in-longeroom-listening-to-Dean-Martin dance.
My favourite colour is Green.
His & Hers” anything makes me gag.
I‘m a Gen-Xer tragic, and still get teary if I think too long about Kurt Cobain or River Phoenix.
Jalapeños are awesome. In fact, all chemical burn inflicting foods are the Gods’ gifts to us.
Klingons are my favourite fictional race of beings.
La Danse by Henri Matisse (1910) is probably the painting I most often refer to as my favourite. Though, that can (and does) change according to mood, weather etc. But Henri Matisse is always the favourite painter, and that never changes. Love love love love love…

La Danse - Henri Matisse (1910)

La Danse – Henri Matisse (1910)

No’ is an excellent word. It is not less than ‘yes’. Boundaries are a necessary component of all agreements.
I would like to be an Organ donor, like, not now, but when I’m done with my organs, then I would be very happy for people who need them to use them. I’m trying to keep them in good nick. The Australian Organ Donor Registry.
I believe my Phoenix needs his own biological classification. He is not a proper dog. Something like Canis lupis familiaris sb. mini…?



I Quit smoking 13 days ago. Woot!
Rivers that don’t run / are sick make me cry.
I always cheer for Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision is awesome. Gå Sverige!
Tap dancing, IMO, is a completely underrated and under-appreciated art form.
World Peace…?

Thirdly, a short list of blogs I really enjoy and think you should read. For the purposes of this list, I’ve kept it just to Aussie Crafters & Pagans, smaller or newer blogs, because I’m all about supporting diverse voices. And of course, there’s other Links in the Web which will no doubt continue to grow, a plethora of links in all my posts from all sorts of places.

Book of Eucalypt
Everyday Magical Podcast
Travel Yggdrasil

There are a lot more, and I do think spending time having a flick through the lists of posts, blogs and topics at Pagan Blog Project is worth while. I know I’ve not managed to get through even close to half, there are so many topics, discussions, paths.

For now, it’s been fun to post a little off topic. Now to the drafts folder…

P.S. ‘C’ is for Catch up! This post participates with the Pagan Blog Project! Although, mildly lame and somewhat off topic, and also late.