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General Information & Description:
Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) @ Wiki
Growing Starbright flannel flowers @ The Royal Botanical Gardens & Domain Trust, NSW

Other names: Star of Federation or Federation Star. Also of note, Actinotus minor, the Lesser Flannel Flower and Actinotus forsythii, the Pink Flannel Flower. I would suggest the Pink Flannel Flower has a slightly more Venusian aspect, due to its preference for moist growing areas, and it’s seeming elusiveness.

Where: Common in Sydney & surrounds. Up to Southern QLD. Found in gardens in other states.

Planetary Correspondence: Lunar (Venusian )

For Work With:

  • Luck;
  • Inspiration;
  • Adding to wreath and floral offerings made to Spirits as tithes;
  • Adorning fetish items, totems, tools and other things during dedications and for use in initiations;
  • New beginnings, agreements, (especially in business), & new partnerships (for luck in marriages); and,
  • Regeneration.

Further Information: 

Flannel Flower is the sort of native that few outside the area in which they grow know about, and they do cause something of a double-take; they aren’t what you expect, and seem more alike to Edelweiss or Daisies! They have nothing of the hard edge and harshness of so many of our robust natives, being instead lovely and soft, just as their name suggests.

If you have cause to use Daisies or Edelweiss, then you could easily substitute this lovely little species of Summer blooming.

Flannel Flower Wedding Bouquet by Butterfly Philosophy, Rozelle, NSW

Flannel Flower Wedding Bouquet by Butterfly Philosophy, Rozelle, NSW

P.S. ‘F’ is for Flannel Flower! This post participates with the Pagan Blog Project!