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Pademelon Skull Photo by Sascha Wenninger

Pademelon Skull Photo by Sascha Wenninger

If Australia has an abundance of anything besides gum trees, it would have to be our most iconic two legged hoppers; macropods, kangaroos, wallabies and pademelons. Here in Hobart, my house, and pretty much every one else’s house, is nightly visited by any number of particularly, Bennett’s Wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus sub. rufogriseus), and Tasmanian Pademelons (Thylogale billardierii).

They are beautiful little creatures. Unlike the oft-lounging in the shade and sometimes feisty larger cousins of the sweeping plains of the Mainland, these are nocturnal beings. And the padmelons particularly, secretive little darklings who make intricate networks of little pathways and secret roads all the way through the bush. In the past 12 months especially, I’ve been working to get to know these animals, and have found myself on all fours following their beaten tracks well off the usual ones.

It has not been an entirely easy task. At a certain time of the evening, they appear, in groups, as pairs, alone, as if they’ve sprung from the grass itself. It took quite some time for me to catch a Bennett’s actually emerging from the bush out into the open grassland behind my house. Of course, they are not at all like rabbits, and spend their time always above ground, deep and hidden in their dens in the thick bush. Nor do they breed like rabbits, obviously. Autumn and Winter is usually when they birth their young. Though often seen browsing together, I find these two animals are not altogether alike. The Bennett’s Wallabies are more easily found during the day and twilight house, and generally more social, with each other. The Pademelons on the other hand are rarely concerned with each other, completely solitary in their behaviour, regardless of their number, accept to defend an especially juicy patch from an interloper.

There’s something strangely disconcerting about watching the Pademelons munch their way across the graves at a local cemetery. Deathly silent, ever alert. Soft and cuddly-looking. And yet, strangely dark.

Adorned Pademelon Skull & Witch Ladder with Paw

Adorned Pademelon Skull & Witch Ladder with Paw

It might be easy to consider them alike in their spiritual resonance with hares and rabbits. To some extent this is true, in terms of their being connected to the earth and Tellurian currents in a mundane sort of way, but not Venusian from my experience. Although they ‘hop’, the smaller pademelons are not ‘leapers’, the larger wallabies are, and can travel great distances at speed. What the pademelons lack in height and speed, they make up for in their ability to completely and quite suddenly disappear. As if through the veil itself. As I’ve said many times before, this is not an exact science. From the perspective of European Correspondences and on closer observation it becomes clear how odd these creatures really are. Below is a list of observations and experiences for each.

Tasmanian Pademelon: Saturnian (Tellurian)Tasmanian Pademelon

  • Divining hidden paths
  • Finding/negotiating the ghost roads
  • Finding lost things
  • Secret/silent harvests
  • Moving through the Veil between Worlds
  • As omen, I find they can be an excellent indication of restless dead.

Bennett’s Wallaby: LunarBennett's Wallaby - King Island

  • Keen Vision
  • Prophecy, knowing what’s coming
  • Travelling great distance, and “throwing” one’s vision
  • or, indeed, throwing one’s self into vision/Otherworlds alike to the “hare’s leap”
  • Negotiating obstacles
  • I find the wallabies more obvious being larger, but also more aloof, steering clearer of houses and dwellings, and I would consider their occurrence very close to the house, or unexpectedly so, a good omen that an eye is being cast over the house. Not necessarily a bad omen.

Beginning on the New Moon this past Saturday, I began crafting with items I’ve found of these two animals. Working exclusively with the Lunar and Saturnian currents. It seemed like an auspicious time to do so.

And now they are available for purchase at Australis Incognita at Etsy.

Witch's Ladder - Bennett's Wallaby Foot

Witch’s Ladder – Bennett’s Wallaby Foot

Witch's Ladder - Tasmanian Pademelon Paw

Witch’s Ladder – Tasmanian Pademelon Paw

Bennett's Wallaby Skull - Luna Icon

Bennett’s Wallaby Skull – Luna Icon

Tasmanian Pademelon Skull - Saturnian Icon / Spirit Vessel

Tasmanian Pademelon Skull – Saturnian Icon / Spirit Vessel

P.S. ‘M’ is for ‘Macropod’. This post participates with The Pagan Blog Project 2014.