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Pagan Blog Project 2014Yes. ‘P’ is for “Pagan Blog Project“. Lame that might be, but it’s what I’m going with for week 32 of my adventure in weekly posting. Back in January this year there were 176 entries for enquiring peeps to peruse, a plethora of pagan ponderings online, with 342 blogs listed as participating. Last week, there were 37 posts. Ah!~ The best laid plans of mice and men…

In truth that doesn’t signify anything. Accept that I am rather proud of my persistence. I believe to date I’ve missed one ‘G’ week, but made up for it with 3 for the first two ‘A’ weeks. I’m perfectly satisfied with my efforts. Ha!  Someone has to be. With various posts in between that were not actually participating with the Project. I’ve enjoyed it, and continue to. And whilst I’m not sure that I’ll participate in 2015, my own blog and writing has certainly improved for the activity. And my daily blog intake is vastly improved for all the writers and pagans I’ve been introduced to through the sharing.

I have a few ‘P’ posts up my virtual sleeve, mostly concerning the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula), and pink heath (Epacris impressa). But as is so often the case, I am continuing to work with these animals and flora, and not yet satisfied enough to post. So instead, this week I thought I’d look back and share some of my favourite posts from those participating with the Pagan Blog Project.

Alphabetically, of course.

  1. Academic Approach‘ at Hellenic Magical Path: Go hard, or go home. Opening with why we need to think, and how we can improve our religious and spiritual lives through a consideration of academic thought and process. Word.
  2. Abramelin Oil‘ from Setjataset Madam Magick, the gorgeous Tina Georgitsis, who I love. I’m a practical sort of chicky myself, and this blog is page after page of everything useful. Everything. Starting with a ol’ time favourite. Go there, make your own Abramelin Oil, anoint things and make them Holy.
  3. Being a Bastard‘ at The Lefthander’s Path. Reading as a affirmed and most definitely hyphenated bastard of Europe’s “glorious and hubristic culture” made me smile. You tell ’em dude!
  4. Beach Magick and Spellcraft – When Simple is Best‘ from Book of Eucalypt. A really lovely personal reflection on our home, girt by sea as it is, and how powerful magic is often the most simple of actions immersed in the currents of Nature.
  5. Centering for Magical Practice (and the Caduceus)‘ at The Chaos Witch. Big fan of this blog. Big fan of keeping very simple first practices because they are often the most powerful you will learn.
  6. Out dolmening‘ at wiccartifact. I had no idea what this was. But it’s cool, and comes with lovely photos and descriptions of sacred sites from Le Wicce in Italy.
  7. Debt, Shamanism, & Issues in Reciprocity‘ from Conjure in the City: Shamanism + Rootwork. Read it. Think on it. Consider the sage advice that everything costs. And many more things support us than are seen. Honour the spirits, pay your debts to them.
  8. Discernment, or, Delusions (and How to Avoid Them)‘ from The Jackal, Stag, and Crescent. There are a couple of Benny Bargas’ posts that are just needs must. This is one. Develop a bullshit-o-meter.
  9. Disney Men & Their PetsPagan Blog Project: E is for Ethics when dealing with Predators‘ Madam Magick again. Raising an important issue. As a (generally amorphous) group with little to no institutionalisation or organisation, guarded and active in our communities we must be to ensure its growth and health.
  10. Evolutionary, Eclectic Witchcraft is AWESOME! And So Are You.‘ And another from The Chaos Witch. Because she is awesome. Eclecticism was a favourite for ‘E’. And Lee makes us all feel better about it with added cute rabbit pictures. Who doesn’t need that, right?
  11. Equality and Privilege‘ another from The Jackal, Stag, and Crescent. And one of my favs. I’ve even linked to it before.
  12. Fate – le Destin‘ by Caitlín Darkmoon nic Mhorrigan at Scathcraft. Considerations of the big question: Predestination or free will? And en Français, so you can make yourself a latté and imagine yourself on La Rive Gauche pondering these deep philosophical questions. I thoroughly appreciate a blogger who will go straight for the marrow!
  13. Gender, Sexuality and Paganism‘ from Rattle, Roar and Ritual. One of those fun, affirming moments you are glad you wear the “pagan” label along with so many other other good folk.
  14. Homosexuality and Paganism‘ at Vjesticji Orma (The Broom Closet). Another of those moments.
  15. The 5 Steps of Initiation‘ another from The Chaos Witch complete with her gorgeous art.
  16. ‘J’ posts of the practical and helpful kind included ‘Jupiter’s Abundance‘ from The Magickal Pen; and, ‘J is for Juniper‘ from The Helpful Hacker.
  17. K is for Khernips‘ in which Madam Magick introduces me to terms I didn’t even know existed.
  18. M is for Male Familiars in Disney Films‘ by Eliza Day at Hedged Paths actually sent me back to my childhood and re-establishing my Disney animated fairytale collection. Once I stopped giggling myself silly. “So what does this teach a young girl?  Find a man who can take you where you need to go, calls to your sexuality, and doesn’t lie about where they came from.” There’s a fabulous kind of optimism in that statement! But think about it for a second… Besides the latest season of the witch offering, Salem, how often do we get any sort of animal familiar in cinema?
  19. M is for Mystic‘ from Experiential Pagan. I liked the cut of this post’s jib. I like the idea that spirit is an experience, that it doesn’t need to be anyone else’s but yours.
  20. Have I not yet mentioned Romany Rivers’ The Poet Priestess? This post popped up after a conversation with a friend about this very subject. Yes. Just yes. ‘Naked Truth: Ritual Nudity‘. Read it. And then some more of her blog. Including ‘Never Not the Neophyte‘ and ‘Getting the Green Light: Sex Positive is Not Consent‘. One of my favourite pagan bloggers.
  21. Offrandes (2)‘ another from Caitlín Darkmoon nic Mhorrigan at Scathcraft, which I appreciated for her consideration of various types of offerings including blood, arterial and menstrual. And what to consider when choosing an offering to give a spirit.

So there are 21 good reads. They should make you think, make you go “oh… I should try that.” Make you laugh, and one or two fist pump moments. Enough for one post pretending to be a Pagan Blog Project ‘P’ entry, but sort of isn’t. There are so many more posts I’ve read, and I really appreciate being part of a global community sharing their experiences, wisdoms, musings and humour. Obviously, some of the blogs above are now my regular go-tos, that I would not necessarily have come across accept for the Project. And among them are bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to outside of the blogsphere. So I know first hand their awesomeness extends well beyond it.

Pagan people can be grand. And the blogsphere an eclectic place of the most random of musings. Get into both, good people!

And thanks to all those bloggers, above and elsewhere, I’ve not mentioned, but probably should have. And of course, all my readers, for your comments, thoughts, likes, emails, and re-blogs.

P.S. I’ll refrain from my normal mention of the Pagan Blog Project 2014. Or not. Either way, I’m sure you get it.