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Oh, the quality of writing has just peaked of late, Inga! Excellent, good job…

Or not. Since my last post I’ve been hit with a terrible flu, the details of which will not be part of this post, I promise. But it has meant that a few plans have been put back, put on hold, and just generally put aside whilst I wallow in quiet, and, admittedly, my own self pity. That I have managed anything is quite astounding. I think this must be man-flu. Certainly a post for ‘Q’ seems a task too great. Especially since WordPress has gone and done something funky to the writing platform, which sort of seems scary in my fragile state. Oh no, that’s just me, WordPress has not done anything. Good work, WordPress.

But I thought, since I’m up and unable to sleep because sleep has been either epic or allusive with apparently no in-between state, I might catch up with some things I was working on, and are now just happening without me needing to do anything, which is good, because of the aforementioned man-flu situation.

The Alternate Spirit Magazine

The Alternative Spirit Magazine

I’m very excited about the fact that I have a review of Cheralyn Darcey’s Australian Wildflower Reading Cards being published in the upcoming Spring issue of The Alternative Spirit Magazine due for release on September 1. This is exciting on multiple fronts. Firstly, because I have been using Cheralyn’s cards for some time, and I love them, and Cheralyn, who is all kinds of fabulousness. Secondly, because being able to talk about Australian things in terms of divination and Craft is like my calling in life. Thirdly, because The Alternative Spirit Magazine is a fabulous publication put together by some fantastic folk, and features content from Aussies doing awesome things of all sorts. And lastly, because this is the first time I’ve written anything I did not publish myself on the blog. Which is new and unusual, and sort of brilliant to be included along side some of the insightful folk who have contributed to the magazine.

So make sure you check it out! You can also find The Alternative Spirit Magazine on Facebook. Go there, like it! Seriously, you won’t regret it!

And don’t forget to check out Australian Wildflower Reading Cards coming out in September!

I’m a solitary creature in more ways than one, and certainly in my Craft. I teach, as I’ve spoken about before, and those I do are family to me, but are a ways away and so we don’t get together in the flesh as often as we would like. But family and community are different things, linked though they may be, and are so for me personally. Here in Tasmania they are linked through the Tasmanian Pagan Alliance.

Tasmanian Pagan Alliance Stall at AFFBR at MoNA

Tasmanian Pagan Alliance Stall at AFFBR at MoNA

In July I visited with the organisers and volunteers who put together a fantastic stall for The Australian Fair Freedom of Belief and Religion at MoNA in Hobart. It was a pretty colourful event and a lot of fun talking to people, and catching up with the Pagan Community here in Tas.

Check out more photos of the event here on Flickr.

Getting involved with community, both cyber and real life is rewarding. Why I teach, why I blog, why I donate to the community is all linked together in my Craft. A close friend of mine recently asked me quite to the point, why get involved with the community, why be so “out there” with my Craft and blog? I think it has to do with getting things. I get a lot, and sometimes letting what you have go again “out there”, can mean the getting of new things, sometimes that you didn’t even know you wanted or needed. Teach something, learn something, share and share alike. Giving and serving have untold rewards to give you back again. And I’m trying to stretch those social butterfly wings of mine increasingly, (when I’m not in decline with lurgy) which is always for the sake of itself. Any person is solitary only to a point. It’s not entirely hard either when the community is very open and welcoming, and if you are in TAS and not already engaged with the TPA, check them out too!

Tasmanian Pagan Alliance, Inc.

Tasmanian Pagan Alliance, Inc.

I look forward to engaging more with the community in all it’s manifestations. And if you are thinking about, but not sure, check out Sarah Anne Lawless‘ latest post, ‘Seeking Community‘.

We can learn a lot on our own today through books, articles, the internet, and personal practice, but such learning cannot mimic or replace the knowledge and experience one gains from talking to others and working magic with others. You can never guess what paths joining a magical community will lead you down, but you will cherish the experiences had, the memories made, and the people met.

True that.

P.S. ‘Q’ is for “Quiet”. This post participates with the Pagan Blog Project 2014.