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The Pagan Blog Project 2014& so it is. The Pagan Blog Project for 2014 has come to an end. And as it happens, my second “proper” ‘Z’ post was also my 100th post on the blog. How nice and round and cricket-ing of me!

I’ve had fun. It’s reignited my love of the interwebs and blogging, and stretched my brain a bit trying to come up with topics relevant to the week’s letter. And where I couldn’t I at least had some fun stretching what I did have. For a pagan focused activity, I’ve posted about everything from Asylum Seekers, to recently passed former Prime Ministers, and my appreciation for them as National Ancestors, topical articles, to Indigenous songs and wisdoms, words we use to describe ourselves and our practices, tools, how I use them, how I make them, what I use to make them, and native flora and fauna in relation to Classical Planetary Correspondences a plenty in between.

At final count, I was +1 ‘A’, -1 ‘G’, -1 ‘H’, and +1 ‘Z’ off. So I managed a full 52 posts, even if not right to the letter, and a myriad of posts that weren’t participating with the PBP between them. But it was never really about that. It was about focusing again on blogging, and engaging with other pagans in the blogsphere, and that’s really been the highlight for me. I’ve otherwise regularly fallen behind, and had absolutely gnothing. And at such times, I rested on the talents of others, and still stand by my mid-year list, as some of my favourite reads this year.

Earlier in November I had started to consider whether or not I would continue with the PBP in 2015, given increasing commitments, and whether or not I was prepared to continue to use Australis Incognita as an outlet for everything and anything that came to mind, in order to fill a week (not unlike this post) when I otherwise did not have a craft project, specific point of interest to do with my craft directly, or floral or fauna consideration to post about. Several things have happened since that helped me make up my mind.

Jess Carlson, organiser, creatrix, and general legend of the PBP

In the first place, and the clincher, clearly, the wonderful lady responsible for the PBP for the past 3 years, Ms Jess Carlson has decided not to continue with the project. In which case I am glad I got in when I did! Jess announced this on the Pagan Blog Project Facebook page, and I completely understand her reasons. Organising to prompt other people for an activity you are no longer engaged with yourself, amongst a plethora of other personal and professional projects, well, it’s obviously the thing that is going to give. The web page she maintained has been fabulous, and being able to go there and see the lists of posts by contributors, as I said, that was the highlight for me. As all the archives still exist, as will 2014’s PBP, the website remains an excellent resource. And for that, for prompting, for up-keeping the website, for admin-ing the Facebook page, Jess deserves our thanks. Such things are always more time consuming than you think they will be. There on the Facebook page, there has been discussion and suggestion that others will be / are taking up the task to continue a community of pagan bloggers, and I will be keeping an eye out for that. At the very least for reading, if not engaged in writing myself.

The second things that happened, well, a group of considerations, the many projects I have building up. I will have, with the increased activity in my crafting work, more to write about specifically, and less time to write arbitrarily. This is a good thing, on all fronts, and I’m still anxiously/excitedly awaiting the time I can share more of the details of what’s going on in the coming months with Australis Incognita.

The Poverty Pagan

The Poverty Pagan

And thirdly, I decided to materialise a few more personal projects, that, though still part and parcel of my spiritual life, were less specific than the on-going theme of promoting the power of the Land, and my work with it, here on Australis Incognita. I enjoying sharing that part of my experience, my path, on a more personal and less practical for others sort of way, and have done so increasingly through my participation with the PBP. I wanted to be able to post a little more freely, a little outside of theme and off-topic, and so branched out to create The Poverty Pagan where I could do just that. It’s paganism in suburbia, home-grown sustainability efforts with no money, it’s ranty and personal. And like everything, I make no promises. It may not last, it may prove a format I don’t need. But for now, it’s fun, and there is going to be cross over, for sure, I have terrible trouble compartmentalising my life. Witch I am, always, even in my PJ’s watching Breaking Bad (finally! I did not know how good that would be!).

If nothing else, as I have said countless times, my inbox is now much juicier with the regular posts from those blogs I now subscribe to, and would not have if not for the PBP. So to all those bloggers I’ve linked to, read, commented on, made friends with, thanks, dudes. Great job, well done.


Well, wouldn’t you know it! West Australia’s very own Chaos Witch, Lee Pike, posted her own PBP round-up today.

What I did really enjoy about the PBP was discovering blogs from fellow pagans in Australia. I could relate to their practice and loved some of the posts, and I noticed a lot of comments from those in the Northern Hemisphere marvelling at practices from a different perspective, especially geographically.

True that! I wasn’t going to be the one to say it, but the Aussies sort of owned the PBP as far as I’m concerned. We nailed it, we enlightened the world of Southern Hemispheric Style Craft in all its glory, and we wrote at length about how the hell one acknowledges the elements and directions, when the rest of the world is entirely upside down.

Pagans Down Under

Pagans Down Under

So, in order to encourage herself, and in a hopes of staying connected with, and encouraging other Down Under peeps, Lee has tentatively put together the Pagans Down Under Blog Project. I like it, has a certain ring to it. And I’d like to hashtag it #PagansDownUnder, or #PDU. Obviously. (The nerd in me appreciated the ‘Power Distribution Unit’, or ‘Protocol Data Unit’, analogies!)

Over at Bone and Steel in Melbourne, Charlie Twist, who also admins the Facebook page Southern Hemisphere Pagan Bloggers has jumped on board ‘Next Year’s Blogging Project‘.

So good people, click the image, get over there to the Chaos Witch, tell her you’re in, and button your blog! See you in 2015!

P.S. 26; the number of letters in the alphabet. 52; the number of weeks in a year, and the number of posts in the Pagan Blog Project. And in case you didn’t know, at one time, the English alphabet did not finish with ‘Z’. Like other languages, still, that place other letters and symbols after the last consonant, like “Ö”, and “Ä”, the English alphabet finished with the ampusand; “&”.  Which is fitting really, since alphabets, like years, always start at the beginning again.