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I have never visited the Australian Red Centre. A fact I lament and have every plan of rectifying sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I certainly enjoy the time in which I’ve happened here, which means I can enjoy images like this one.

Outback icon Uluru looks stunning from space (KARI/ESA) (Source)

The “stunning image of Uluru in the Australian outback was taken by the Korean Kompsat-2 satellite at an altitude of 685 kilometres.” And you can read more by clicking the image. The article goes on to describe the deep lines, erosion and iron coloured staining. But I can’t help but see a red heart, facing the Sun.

And it does! Its pointed end lies in the East. This image from Google earth shows its perfect situation.

Uluru & Mutitjulu from Google earth

Uluru & Mutitjulu on the eastern side from Google earth

And if it isn’t a heart you see in the monolith at the centre of our continent, perhaps you might see a stone spearhead. Fashioned by giants, no doubt, at the beginning of the world. Not entirely unlike these found last year during the Hunter Expressway construction near Newcastle, NSW.

Tens of thousands of Aboriginal artefacts, some potentially dating back 5,000 years, have been uncovered in an archaeological investigation in Newcastle. (Source)

Of course, if it is properly(?) orientated hearts you are after, you come pretty close with the image of the Island at the bottom of the world.

Heart Shaped Island of Tasmania - Google Earth

Heart Shaped Island of Tasmania – Google Earth

Albeit, a heart with horns, perhaps. But I’m ok there.  Oddly, it’s not a stretch to consider the moniker “Apple Isle” is not just about the trees and the fruit the Island is famous for. But most famously, Amanda Palmer pointed out the true nature of the state, and like the centre Heart, appropriately located.

It’s hard not to love having an either/or situation.

And though that might seem like a flippant comment, and that this is a post with no particular purpose, I think there is something to love about the geometric shapes to be found in our environments.

From the perspective of ritual magic and spellwork, they each present simple iconography that is easily copied in terms of sigilry, and speak directly to location, large locations, perfect for when working for outcomes on the State or National level. And apples, “maps of Tasmania”, spearheads, and hearts are all deeply symbolic, working harmoniously with workings of Compassion (Action for Asylum Seekers & Refugees), Love (Australian Marriage Equality), Land as Goddess and Mother (environmental preservation), and the Apple and Spearhead both with works of a more intellectual nature, and defense (thinking along the lines of the Pacific Climate Warriors, and changing the nature of the government/revolutionary and progressive ideas).

These are just a few of my favourite places to insert a bit of magic, incorporating and connecting with state and national movements and interests. More generally, they align us to our environments, situate us not only in this world, but in otherworldly space, in a ritual and vision sense, and allow us to explore the threads of Wyrd that dominate that space, or that we would change.

And besides all of that, big hearts, a little more love for lovely lady parts and a wee bit of nouse in defense of what matters can’t be wrong. How clever our Land is!