About Inga Leonora

My Twitter profile says “Undefined”. Perhaps that’s the truth of it.Inga 24.12.2015 4

Once we get a ways down the Crooked Path, the beginning becomes less clear. I remember first asking a friend to teach me when I was just 18. The friend remains still, and like all good friends continues to teach me all manner of nefarious things. But the specific learning didn’t continue for long, and I spent roughly a decade skirting around the edges of things. I studied philosophy and literature, and did what people do, worked, lived. I moved interstate and completed three years of learning in a British Traditional Thread of Old Craft. At Candlemas 2013 I went out on my own. You can read a little bit more about the philosophy and influences of my practice here.

In the common tongue, I’d say, I’m a Witch. In the language of my ancestors, I am a Völva, a “Staff Carrier”. They’re probably most true hyphenated! Sort of the way I am: Hyphenated.

First and foremost, I’m an Aussie. And I feel truly blessed to call this Ancient place my Home. I find that, for all the beauty there is in the world, no place is quite so important or profoundly effecting as the one that feeds and waters you, the one you walk on every day. I am an animist, the community of spirits I call mine walks amongst gum trees and lives in the smell of the Wattles in Spring. It settles in the distinct blue haze over the bush on the Mountains. It’s as much part of my blood as my Scandinavian Ancestors.

I suppose that is why I started this blog, and why I started making available my Craft to people at my Etsy Store. To share some of the power and beauty I see here in the Land, that is often overlooked by Crafters in Oz due to the plethora of Lore and information regarding European, and North American (and others) flora and fauna. Comparatively speaking, there is very little (next to none!) practical information regarding all things Australian Native for someone working within the context of European Spiritual / Witchcraft Traditions.

I don’t know I will ever have a definitive collection of “Native Correspondences”. In fact, I’m pretty sure that will never happen. But I’d like to make a dent. A start. Try to show people a little of the awesome I see in my home, spark an interest in the resources and magic of the Land, for those practising here in Australia. There’s so much we don’t use, so much we outsource and don’t need to. There is no “heart chakra of the world” only the place you know and love and live.

I live here. I love it. And this is some of what I know about it.