The House of Three Fires

When you come to the Crossroads, follow the Northern Path, across the field where the wind whispers, past the Hanging Tree, up over the rise to where the River runs, where the Gums and Pines become thick on the far shore. There, shaded by a Willow, perched over the water, between field and forest, a house with three fires within…

The House of Three Fires was established at the Spring Equinox, 2013, in Hobart, Tasmania. The House exists in the oneiric space, a place, and house of spirits that sponsored me, and enabled me to reconcile the restrictions and often contradictory multi cultural influences of my experience as an Australian Old Crafter. I had been blessed with nearly four years study and practice within a distinctly British Tradition of Witchcraft, but my own practice was increasingly flavoured with the experience of my Scandinavian ancestors, and my deep connection to the Australian landscape. When I began teaching and sponsoring others, I realised this problem belonged to more than myself, I wanted to develop an approach that would allow the free expression of the cultural and ancestral mélange both historically undefinable and generally unavoidable for the contemporary Australian within the context of European Old Craft traditions more broadly.

I am blessed to be teaching individuals both here in Tasmania, and in my home state of New South Wales, with friends between. We each have an idosynchratic practice, encouraging each other to manifest a syncretic Craft inspired by the Triple Fires of Land (local and national respecting Indigenous Lore), Familial Culture (or Ancestry) and Meta Culture (English language, and broadly European Mysticism and Sorcerous Traditions as manifest in Australia). I teach ecstatic trance, altered states of consciousness using various techniques, through which we achieve the three services or practices of the Völva or Seiðman: seiðrspá and galdr, or Spirit Mediumship and Communion (Invocation); Prophecy and Divination; and, Spellcraft (Sorcery), particularly through chant (Incantation), dance, music and other forms of artistic expression. Our emphasis is on inspired and organic work over ceremonial action resulting in a vastly more shamanic rather than ceremonial practice.

We certainly appreciate and value mastery in all types of Art and Craft. But encourage resourcefulness and innovation, working with materials and inspiration from Land not normally associated with Traditional Craft. As animists we aim to commune directly with spirits of place to grow a body of herb-lore and root-work distinctly local and identify manifestations of Ancestral Spirits and Deity, developing a working understanding of our Sacred Landscape.

My Craft participates with a multiplicity of Spirits and is sponsored through ancestral connection to Northern and Central Europe, Three Great Spirits, associated with Fate Weaving, Sorcery and Death and the three lessons of Sacrifice, Mastery and Wisdom. As sorcerers, rather than religious pagans, we understand that the embodied, imminent divine is always a unique manifestation, an alchemical mixture between place, time and individual, in which the individual, through sacrifice, mastery and wisdom, participates in creating the manifestation, a new avatar of a Great Power, dynamically involved with the community, place, time and participants.