Custom Handmade Ritual Tools & Craft

I love to Craft and I love the Craft, and I make many things available on my Etsy Store that have come to be through my own Craft work or because the Spirit of where I live inspires me to create! Further to that I’ve enjoyed being able to craft tools and items for my own community as the need or desire arises. In fact, for me, that is the most enjoyable. To work on an item for a specific person and reason, to be able to offer that service seems to fulfil another need that speaks directly to the link between me, us, and our Ancestors. Certainly, when I have purchased tools for my Craft, crafted by others it has always been when I’ve been able to enter into a dialogue with that craftsperson, being able to have made something beyond a pretty picture on the internet and to know and understand that Crafter’s process. I think it is more rewarding either way, whichever side of the making coin I am on. It is likely that for others looking at my wares there are many things “similar, but not quite” or a great idea or material but not wholly suiting the purpose for which one would like to use it. And I do not mass produce, ever, so there are many things I do and make simply not “currently listed”. Below is a list of things I make (and do). Some have examples from Australis Incognita for you to look at, and work completed for myself and others that is otherwise not available, but example the sort of thing you might be looking for.


My own rattle is one of my most important ritual tools. I talk more about how and why this is so, here and give you some insight into my approach to making tools such as this. There’s really no limit or restriction on the sort of materials and items one might want to include or use for a ritual tool such as this: To honour a spirit, to connect to a current of power, place, animal or ancestor. I use only sustainably sourced materials, upcycled, grifted and salvaged, and I only use bones and animal parts that happen across my path in nature, already free of the mortal coil. But I note the ability for a witch to find what she needs always increases when her eye is roaming and her will is fixed. I am also able to incorporate items you already have if you would like. In terms of handles, I use both wood and bones. Some woods I currently have available include*:

  • Eucalyptus (various) (Common);
  • Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata) (Common);
  • Sheoak (Allocasuarina) (Common);
  • Cherry Ballart (Exocarpos cupressiformis) (Common);
  • Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) (Speciality);
  • Horizontal Scrub (Anodopetalum biglandulosum) (Speciality);
  • Black-hearted Sassafras (Atherosperma Moschatum) (Speciality);
  • Cherry (Prunus avium) (Introduced); and,
  • Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata) (Introduced).

*Speciality woods are purchased and sustainably harvested by suppliers. These handles are shaped by hand from timber stock. Common and introduced woods are available harvest from the wild and I use branches, fallen and aged, and then striped and finished by hand.

Drum Beaters

Whilst I don’t make drums, I have found need to make beaters. For myself, and others. Replacements, a pair, or a beater with a different sound. As I only make these according to need, I do not advertise them at Australis Incognita @ Etsy. As with the rattles, various woods are available for the handles. I generally try to use common woods which allow me to access smaller, thinner branch stock. Stuffed with wool, re-purposed synthetic stuffing, and/or Old Man’s Beard (Usnea australis). Felt, cottons, leather available for the head of the beater. And adorned, or not according to your specifications.

Witch’s Ladders, Household Charms & Talismans

Witch's Ladder - Bennett's Wallaby Foot

Witch’s Ladder – Bennett’s Wallaby Foot

Witch's Ladder - Tasmanian Pademelon Paw

Witch’s Ladder – Tasmanian Pademelon Paw

Witch’s ladders are an age old tool used for binding spells, and now used for all manner of ritual meditation, household charms and fetish items. For myself, I find the process of making them with specific flora and fauna a useful way to develop a greater insight into the Spiritual Nature of Native plants and animals. I prefer best to develop well reddened Ladders, used for meditation, sometimes called a Witch’s Rosary.

I make my ladders with 9 charms and a 10th anchor, and craft incantations and chants based on the 9 Knots Charm specific for each.

by knot of one, ’tis begun
by knot of two, ’tis true
by knot of three, ’twill be
by knot of four, ’tis as Law
by knot of five, its Power alive
by knot of six, my Will I fix
by knot of seven, from Hell to Heaven
by knot of eight, ’tis Fate
by knot of nine, ’tis done, its Power’s mine.
      ~ Adapted, 9 Knots Charm

Miniature Icons, Fetish Items, & Alter Pieces

Vintage tins, wooden boxes, jewellery boxes, skulls, fetish jars, and other items. For Deity, Animal Spirits, Ancestors, Landed Fae, Green Spirits and others.

Spellcraft (Candles, Powders, Incense, Oils/Waters, Balms)

More information coming soon.

Raw Materials

Unlike most European, North American and Asia species, there’s very rarely an easy find if you are after something particular. Sure, we can go to any grocery store and buy a bottle of water soluble Eucalyptus Oil. But one would never use that in their Craft unless they were evacuating half Hel’s legions from their house, and fighting the Plague at the same time! I’ve only ever had that happen once, and the lack of eucalyptus oil saw members of the house hospitalised. But otherwise, that so rarely happens! Besides that and tea tree oil there is little dried, processed etc., of our natives. Much of what I work with comes from harvesting in the wild around my home. From Acacia resins to eucalyptus smudge sticks, from Huon Pine shavings to native animal parts… There are a great many raw materials I have that I use in my Craft. If you are looking for an ingredient, please do not hesitate to ask. If I have it, great. If I don’t I might know where you can get it.

Acacia Dealbata resin

Acacia Dealbata resin

Red Brick

Red Brick

Work with a particular Species

I am rather dedicated to the accumulation and sharing of Lore pertaining to Australian Native Flora and Fauna from the perspective of European Spirit / Witchcraft Traditions. Much of what I have, my experiences and perspective, has not yet made it to my blog. And will in time. But in the meantime if you are working, wanting to work with, or trying to work with a particular species / place / myth and just can’t find any place to start, or want to run an idea past someone who is actually working in direct relation and connection to the land, then please email me. I am always interested to hear what other’s are doing, or if you think I have erred, or have a different opinion to something you’ve read here. I also work in only a small part of this rather large continent, and I am always open to learning things I can’t play with directly!

Something Else?

If you have a question, thought, idea, need and I haven’t listed it; ask! If I can’t help you out, I just might know someone who can. Below is a contact form for you to do just that! Include as much detail as you can. And I will respond to you as soon as may be.


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