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Australian Crafters & Pagan & Occult Bloggers

Belladonna and Bones (Witch & dedicant of the Poison Path, crafter of magical ointments & balms)
Bone and Steel
 (Musings of Bones, a gender-queer Melbourne Witch)
Book Of Eucalypt (Cara, a dirt-worshiping tree-hugging Pagan)
Cheralyn Darcey (Flower Reader, author & artist of Australian Wildflower Reading Cards)
Laura Bowen and her blog, Laura Lefey (Artist, writer & Nature lover; her Indigenous connections are to the Worimi & Biripai people of the Manning River area of NSW. Her Oracle card deck the Dreamtime Reading Cards)
Magickly (Cosette’s personal blog focused on Paganism from a Wiccan perspective)
Magic of the Ordinary (Peregrin Wildoak’s encounters with mystery, politics & sex, in Perth WA. “The political is personal is spiritual.” Author of By Names and Images; Bringing the Golden Dawn to Life)
PaGaian Cosmology (Glenys Livingstone Ph.D., academic, & writer, of the Goddess Path. Author of PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion)
Setjataset (Magick Madam) (Tina Georgitsis Confessions of a Magickal Practitioner in Oz)
Southern Crossroads (Emm Jay Molotov writes of Vodu in Australia)
The Chaos Witch (the home of all things creative from esoteric artist & blogger, Lee Elizabeth Pike)
The Existential Astrologer (Asha Maria, astrologer & tarot reader with a unique take on an Ancient Tradition)
The Goddess House (The Goddess House was established in 2007 in Adelaide, South Australia. Frances Billinghurst is the founder & current Priestess in Residence of The Goddess House. A prolific writer, Frances is the author of In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine.)
The Gargarean (“Markos Gage (The Gargarean) — an Australian, Dionysian – Hellenic polytheist artist and writer.”)
Under The Tea Tree (Weaving in Aboriginal heritage through a contemporary Australian experience)

Witchcraft, Pagan & Occult Bloggers – Global

Gods & Radicals (“A Site of Beautiful Resistance”; Pagan anti-Capitalist thought)
Josephine McCarthy (Magical musings in a strange world, author of Quareia)
Sarah Anne Lawless (Animist, professional artist, writer, & folk herbalist of the Pacific Northwest coast of Canada)
The Allergic Pagan (John Halstead’s blog. Being the Allergic Pagan is about living with contradictions.)
The Jackal, Stag, and Crescent (Benny Bargas, “the sex-positive, gay, pagan city boy your momma should’ve warned you about”)
The Lady of the Labyrinth (Maria Kvilhaug, from Oslo, Norway, all things Old Norse & more)
The Poet Priestess (The beautiful musings of Romany Rivers, poet, artist, author, & Pagan Priestess & co-founder of Moon River Wicca in England.)
The Wild Hunt (News, opinion from a Modern Pagan Perspective)

A Modern Pagan Perspective

Favourite Vloggers Near & Far

The Choas Witch (more Lee Pike is never wrong!)
Kelly-Ann Maddox (UK)

Magical Activism & Pagan Environmentalism

A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer by Alley Valkyrie & Rhyd Wildermuth
A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment (Nature is Sacred, put your name to the statement)
The Warrior’s Call
(Pagans United Against Fracking)

Astronomical Resources (Almanacs with precise date and times of Quarter and Cross Quarter days globally)
 (Everything you need to know about what Luna’s doing today)
Rhythm of Nature (Easy to use guide to working with the Moon, includes biodynamic guide)
The Australian Government: Bureau of Meteorology (It’s the weather)
Willy Weather (The easiest Sunrise and Sunset tool for Australia)

Konrad von Megenberg, Buch der Natur (Book of Nature). Augsberg: Johannes Bämler, 148

Konrad von Megenberg, Buch der Natur (Book of Nature). Augsberg: Johannes Bämler, 148

Planetary (Classical/Occult) Correspondences

There is an exhaustive number of pages, post, blogs etc that talk about the correspondences of all sorts, here is an introduction and some basic information.

Classical Planet @ Wikipedia
Table of correspondences @ Wikipedia
Planetary Occult Correspondences by Catherine Beyer @ altreligion

Robert Juniper - Lotus Drift, A Song of Arnhem Land (Diptych)

Robert Juniper – Lotus Drift, A Song of Arnhem Land (Diptych)

Aboriginal Australian Seasonal & Weather Knowledge

There is a great diversity of seasonal knowledge and experience across the continent and the First Nations, and precious little of it on the internet here is a taste of some of the Lore that is available.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge @ BOM
Indigenous Australian Seasons @ Wikipedia
The Lost Seasons – ABC Science Feature by Danny Kingsley
Should Australia have five seasons? – Australian Geographic article by Katie Duncan

Aboriginal Australian Traditional Stories

Dreaming Stories of Prospect Creek: The inspiration for the Warali Wali sculptures. Dharug & D’harawal Nations, South Western Sydney.
Yandel’ora -The Story of the Ravens and the Crows
Mananga – The Eagle Warrior
Dahl’Wah – How the Casuarinas Came to Be